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25-Year Guarantee


Roof Coatings Specialist Company Giromax - 25-Year Guarantee Potton

Our company provides internal and external roof coating and refurbishment on-site paint spraying services in Potton. We offer an unbeatable 25-year guarantee on all roofing panels and surfaces we apply our coatings on in Potton and will beat any genuine written quotation as standard.

We use GIROSIL RoofCoat RC, which is a solvent-free coating which offers consistent weather resilience without cracking or peeling even under extreme UV and temperature changes.

Key points include

  • Primer-less adhesion to most substrates
  • Durability – the life expectancy of over 20 years
  • Solvent-free, one coat application
  • UV and temperature resistant for longer durable lifespan
  • Moisture tolerance
  • Provides breathable coating protection for asbestos cement and concrete surfaces

Exterior and Interior Roof Coatings Potton

If you would like a free roof coatings price quote in Potton using Girosil, Giromax or any other roof coating, paint solution please contact us.

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